Influencer marketing on Instagram grows 39% in 2018

Anne Freier

In Influencer Marketing. January 17, 2019

Influencer marketing on Instagram has jumped 39% year-on-year in 2018, according to a report from Klear, the influencer marketing software.

Influencers posted over 2.1 million posts globally last year to an active audience of 1 billion monthly users.

Based on an analysis of 2 million Instagram sponsored posts, Klear found that 34% of such posts were Instagram Stories. Previous surveys have shown that 39% of consumers have shown interest in a brand or product based on Instagram Stories before.

Importantly, Instagram now provides measurement tools for influencers to find out how their Stories performed.

Women dominate the influencer marketing landscape with 84.6% posting content in 2018.

Meanwhile, micr0-influencers are gaining traction as 84% of their sponsored posts got up to 1,000 likes per post. This further demonstrates that micro-influencers can be a great opportunities for brands to work with as they present with highly engaged audiences.

Brazil, Canada and Japan were among the fastest growing countries in terms of Instagram sponsored feed posts with Brazil’s adoption rates quadrupling.

Overall, sponsored posts on Instagram were highest in the US, followed by the UK, Brazil and Canada.

Unsurprisingly, lifestyle and fashion content continue to dominate feeds. Beauty ranked third, followed by travel and food.