Google trials in-app adverts on Google Feed

Google appears to be testing ad placements below the search bar in iOS and Android apps within the Google Feed. The company confirmed tests to VentureBeat, but said it didn’t have any concrete details for Google Feed.
Google Feed can be customised by consumers to suit their interests and needs. The feed is displayed on the Google app and lets users hone in on their personalised preferences for content to be displayed.
The new ad placements resemble other content. However, they are clearly marked as an “ad” in the left-hand corner.
It’s not entirely clear which marketers or brands are taking part in testing or even how many consumers are seeing these ads. However, the tests could mark a slight refocus in strategy for Google, which is trying to improve its Google app capabilities to avoid users abandoning search for specific apps.
Google Feed has been a blank canvas so far, but the addition of personalised content could help keep users more engaged on mobile devices. It’s not surprising that Google would add adverts to this mix.
However, there’s always the danger that some users could be disturbed by the move. Therefore, the search giant will have to carefully place its ads and make sure that targeting remains precise and in line with consumer interests.