Google Lens gets integrated into the new Pixel 3’s camera, makes visual search easier

Andy Boxall

In App Business. October 10, 2018

Google will integrate Google Lens into the camera on the Pixel 3 smartphone, it has announced. Google Lens is currently available as a standalone app, and has been available since 2017. Now, it will be built into the camera software itself.

Lens uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognise and interact with objects and text it seems through the camera. For example, if it sees a movie poster it can open the browser and visit the official site, or will identify telephone numbers and prepare to call them.

It can also be used to identify products. A long press on the screen will enter Lens mode, and links will be provided to a product it sees, or a list of alternatives. There are comparisons between Lens’s Style Search feature ad Pinterest’s visual search, which performs a similar function.

Google will also offer a degree of functionality offline, which can be useful to travellers. The Google Pixel 3 phones will be available in November, and Google Lens will be integrated into the camera at launch.