Google Home app update pulls all connected products together in one place

Andy Boxall

In App Business. October 10, 2018

Google has updated its Google Home app with a new feature called Home View, which acts as a single source for all connected products in the home. This has also been integrated into the new Google Home Hub, which adds a screen to the Google Assistant-powered smart home management device.

Home View is a quick access menu showing all connected products under categories, where each can be used without leaving the Home app for a third-party app. It also enables control when you’re not at home.

This speeds up the process of controlling smart bulbs, plugs, and other devices. It also cuts down on the confusion over using multiple apps, some of which may not operate when not connected to home Wi-Fi. Google has also added a shortcut button for Google Assistant, so you don’t need to use a voice command in the app.

The Google Home app will receive an update over the coming  week.