Google drops blanket exclusions from mobile app ads

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 8, 2018

Google has decided to remove a blanket exclusion from mobile app adverts, according to a recent announcement. The move means that Google will remove exclusions for “” placements and begin to serve ads to mobile apps.

The company said it hopes that this would make it easier for advertisers to reach a growing mobile user base. The shift of focus towards in-app ads comes at a time when more consumers are complaining of the large number of adverts and opting for mobile ad blockers. Meanwhile, the worldwide in-app ad market is expected to reach $201 billion by 2021.

Advertisers who are currently using the Google Display Network are advised to double check their audience targeting settings for any mobile campaigns.

The change also means that advertisers will no longer be targeting by mobile category such as mobile app, mobile app interstitial and mobile web, but can instead choose from device categories such as mobile, tablet and desktop.

The company further recommends that advertisers check their brand safety settings and consider a change to their bid strategies.