Facebook launches AR games for group video chats in Messenger

Andy Boxall

In App Business. August 9, 2018

Facebook has launched multiplayer augmented reality games for its Messenger platform. The games can be played by up to six people simultaneously, and have been developed using Facebook’s AR Studio.

There are two titles available at first: Asteroids Attack, and Don’t Smile. These casual, fun games are designed with social interaction and fun in mind, rather than serious competitive play. Facebook will add two more games in the coming weeks.

Facebook writes:

“People continue to discover video chat in Messenger, with over 17 billion video chats last year, twice as many as the year before. We hope this new experience will help you create fun memories with the people you care about most, even when you can’t be together.”

To play the games you will need the latest version of the Messenger app installed, and a running live video chat. Facebook has not opened up development of Messenger AR games to developers yet, according to Techcrunch, and currently does not monetize the games using ads or sponsorship.