Facebook expands Marketing Partner programme with campaign measurement and creative tools

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. October 12, 2018

Facebook has expanded its Marketing Partner programme by adding new categories as well as tools to measure campaign success and improve creative.

At the sixth global Facebook Marketing Partner (FMP) summit, the social media network revealed that the idea behind the changes was to connect agencies with ad consultants more closely.

The company also decided to make feedback across the platform easier to manage for advertisers and marketers.

Additionally, independent consultants with experience of dynamic ad campaigns are now able to apply for FMP badges to verify their expertise.

“We need this ecosystem to serve our advertisers,” explained Gene Alston, Facebook’s VP of marketing partnerships. “There’s a diversity of people working on the Facebook platform that you don’t always hear about – the unsung heroes – but they’re deeply experienced on our platform.”

At the same time, the company announced the launch of the Facebook Pro programme, which supports help for Messenger for small agencies. The programme also includes training via video live-streams and one-to-one consultations with Facebook’s marketing team.

Furthermore, the company announced its Creative Compass tool that provides partners with a measure of how well their ad creative could perform. The addition could be an important feature in assuring that the right assets are being used to drive better ad performance.