Epom Market DSP releases new handy features for programmatic advertising

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Posted: November 8, 2018

Last week Epom Market DSP rolled out a suite of robust features to help advertisers manage and optimize their programmatic advertising better.

The Epom team upgraded Epom Market DSP with a few noteworthy features. The latest improvements include creative libraries with unlimited file storage, video ad campaigns, device version targeting and more.

While working on the release, our team processed tons of analytics and user’s feedback, – says Dmitry Chebakov, the Product Manager at Epom.

Let’s walk through the major platform changes and uncover their real value for your self-serve advertising.

# 1 Build your own Creative Library

Now Epom Market DSP users can build and store creatives in their own ‘Creative library’. The feature ‘Massive banner upload’ allows adding a set of 25 files to the library at a time. The library helps organize a huge number of ad creatives by keeping them in one place.

All added images will be stored at the Epom Ad Server for free. So whether you are working from the office, your personal laptop or mobile phone, your creatives will always stay at your fingertips.

# 2 Measure and optimize video ad campaigns

With the new release, Epom Market DSP unlocks access to the video inventory from the world’s best SSPs. So along with desktop, mobile, in-app and pop ad campaigns, all platform users are able to kickstart and manage dozens of video ad campaigns.

For running video ads, the user has to add a VAST or a VPAID tag when setting up a particular video ad campaign.

# 3 Enjoy even more handy DSP interface

The Epom team has also paid close attention to improving the DSP UX. Upgraded DSP accounts are well-designed and easy-to-navigate. In addition, the DSP’s development team reduced the number of steps needed to kickstart an ad campaign. Hence, even if you are seeing the interface for the first time, you’ll handle the functionality with ease.

The main benefit of the UX improvement is that the user can measure the overall picture of ad performances by a quick look on the screen. The platform is designed in a way to make even the minimal changes in ad performance noticeable on the dashboard.

# 4 Сopy all ad campaign creatives in one click

This is a small feature to save a lot of time for platform users. It allows to copy-paste ad campaigns as many times as they need with all the banners attached.

# 5 Target any versions of mobile devices

The new device targeting option covers more precise ad campaign settings by including/excluding specific devices from ad campaigns. This means you can hit owners of iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S9, or any other newly released smartphones.

All in all, the updated Epom Market DSP account eliminates the unnecessary work related to setting up and the optimization of multiple ad campaigns. One of the most significant developments is the ability to run global video ad campaigns with access to the world’s best video SSPs.

Discover more vast opportunities for your programmatic advertising at the Epom Market DSP website.

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