Developers can now use React Mobile’s SOS features using new API

Andy Boxall

In App Development. June 28, 2016

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React Mobile, a company that specialises in mobile personal safety equipment and software, as announced the launch of its own API, allowing developers to utilise the company’s SOS alerts in their own apps, wearables, and other hardware.

React Mobile’s SOS API is now available for developers

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Robb Monkman, React Mobile CEO, said:

“Consumers everywhere want safety included in their devices. Now mobile app developers and hardware designers can use our API to provide their users with the features and functionality of the React Mobile platform. We’ve already conducted a private beta of our API with the Amazon Echo and several wearables, so we’re excited so see how the development community at large integrates our technology with other apps, connected devices or platforms.”

React Mobile’s range of products includes a personal panic button called the Sidekick, and a safety app that sends an alert, GPS locations, and a follow-me tracking system to friends, family, or appointed guardians. Additionally, the React Dispatch Console platform allows businesses and organisations to manage multiple products, and ensure safety.

The API will let developers integrate safety features in their own apps, and React Mobile provides services to brand and customise the Dispatch Console, Sidekick panic buttons, and its apps. To learn more about React Mobile’s services, visit its website here.