Data Transfer Project reveals how its cross-platform, data-sharing API will work

Andy Boxall

In App Business. July 23, 2018

The Data Transfer Project has released a white paper on how it intends to build a platform that lets individuals port data from one app or service to another. The open source service will use existing APIs to access data, then recreate it in a new common format API. This can be uploaded and used on a new service or app.

On its website, the DTP writes:

“Users should be in control of their data on the web, part of this is the ability to move their data. Currently users can download a copy of their data from most services, but that is only half the battle in terms of moving their data. DTP aims make move data between providers significantly easier for users.”

In addition to the white paper, the DTP provides technical information on how the service will work through documentation on its website, plus a chance to try the system out using Docker or code. In the future, there will be sites with the DTP API to test.

The project isn’t ready for wide release yet, and is described as being in “very active development,” but there is no indication of when the DTP will be ready for developer and public use.