Creative Clicks adds Protected Media’s anti-fraud solution to ensure fraud-free mobile ads

Creative Clicks, the data marketing platform for mobile, has now implemented Protected Media’s fraud detection and prevention solution in an effort to clean up its ad inventory. At the same time, it hopes to validate publisher traffic. The move is part of the company’s efforts to guarantee agencies fraud-free ad traffic.

“Protected Media provides fraud detection with an unprecedented level of granularity,” said Michal Ivry, Director of Video & Native Advertising at Creative Clicks. “We provide transparency and effectiveness to our customers and Protected Media empowers us to expand this to our traffic quality.”

According to research by Adjust, ad fraud rates on mobile doubled in 2017, with SDK spoofing now responsible for 37% of all app install fraud.
The mobile ad ecosystem is complex and therefore subject to attack by fraudsters. Marketing companies such as Creative Clicks are now taking measures into their own hands by integrating third-party solutions to ensure advertisers are purchasing real views and not bot traffic.
Protected Media’s solution offers a multi-layered ad fraud detection and prevention suite to identify bad traffic.

“Creative Clicks is a great partner for us because they understand that transparency and cleaning up inventory is a prerequisite for providing their supply and demand partners with significant ROI,” said Amichai Zuntz, EVP Sales at Protected Media.
“We leverage a number of methodologies including AI and machine learning as well as traditional network security techniques and we are really pleased to see that we can provide organizations like Creative Clicks with holistic ad fraud protection.”