AppNexus bolsters fee transparency with new SSP

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. December 13, 2018

In a first, AppNexus, the ad tech company, this week launched a fee-transparent supply side platform (SSP) to provide better visibility of its tech fees.

The company said that the technology was made possible in collaboration with publishers and third-party transparency companies.

“Through our policies and partnerships, AppNexus is leading the charge to give advertisers increased transparency in the global marketplace. We want our buyers to know that when you transact on AppNexus supply, you have visibility into your working media dollars,” explained Ryan Christensen, SVP, Product of Xandr which completed its acquisition of AppNexus in August 2018. “AppNexus takes pride in being on the forefront of critical initiatives that instill trust in the supply chain and bring maximum visibility and benefit to our clients.”

The company approached publishers back in Q4 2017 with the idea to provide enhanced transparency of its technology. Through these agreements which represent 82% of transaction on direct sellers in the US and 58% globally, AppNexus is able to make impression fees available.

Previously, buyers were able to view seller tech fees through third-party reporting. By integrating with transparency partners,  buyers are able to review seller tech fees on their actual spending, which allows them to make more informed decisions about media expenditure.

Both Microsoft and MAGNA commended the company on the innovation.

Additionally, the company revealed it testing a pilot for a proprietary fee transparency report.