App user retention falls from 37% to 22% in the 3 months after download

Andy Boxall

In App Data. August 21, 2017

Average user retention for an app starts at 37%, according to data from Localytics, but will have fallen to 22% by the third month after the app has been downloaded. App user churn therefore goes from 63% to 78% over the same period of time.

Localytics has based this on data collected from the 37,000 apps contained in its database, along with a selection of other key figures.

App user retention over 14 days after download

Turning its attention to app user retention, the company examines in detail the first 14 days after an app has been downloaded. It shows 30.7% of app users return to the app the day after download, a number that dramatically falls over the next two weeks. Day two sees the biggest drop down to 22.8%, followed by a few percent each day until reaching 11.7% on day 14.

Looking even more closely, this time at app engagement, Localytics says on average an app will be launched 6.93 times in a week, with users spending 4.58 minutes per session, for a weekly total of 31.7 minutes.