Amazon opens new app store specifically for its sellers

Andy Boxall

In App Business, App Stores. May 23, 2018

Amazon has opened a new app store specifically for companies selling products through the online retailer, filled with apps related to improving and streamlining the sales and promotion process. It’s called Marketplace Appstore, and it will not be visible to Amazon’s customers, only its sellers.

Amazon told CNet in a statement:

“Many developers have innovated and created applications that complement our tools and integrate with our service. We created the Marketplace Appstore to help businesses more easily discover these applications, streamline their business operations, and ultimately create a better experience for our customers.”

The Marketplace Appstore contains apps related to business operation, advertising, inventory management, and other tools that can help sellers grow their businesses. Product experience management platform Salsify has announced it will be included in the store.

Salsify CEO Jason Purcell said:

“Salsify customers include a wide variety of brands with different needs when it comes to succeeding on Amazon. Being part of the Amazon Marketplace Appstore will help us bring our expertise accelerating growth and improving profitability across digital retail channels to more companies navigating the modern commerce landscape.”

The store is in a public beta phase at the moment, and developers must apply to be part of the program.