News UK launches mobile vertical video studio

News UK has announced the launch of a full service vertical video studio to help brands and marketers with the creation and publishing of their mobile ads.
The v-Studio will be part of The Bridge division of News UK’s commercial business. It has been created to help advertisers turn their existing videos into short-form vertical formats or 360 experiences.
In total there are seven video formats on offer which The Bridge is actively recruiting partners for. They include vertical video which will be shot in-house, horizontal video, luxury creative formats, multiple product video units, social sharing redirections, dynamic creative and 360-degree content options.
Milton Elias, Head of mobile and video at News UK, explains:

“Recently, the industry has witnessed a fundamental shift in the way that people consume media, especially via mobile channels. Whilst this has offered innovative ways for brands to reach audiences via their most personal devices, it also presents various creative challenges in a world where video content is still primarily produced for much larger horizontal screens.”

He added that the formats were non-intrusive as they naturally slotted into the mobile scrolling experience and would not require screens to be flipped to adjust. It seems the company has really thought about the user experience.
Indeed, adapting traditionally shot video formats to fit mobile screens perfectly is a key aspect of a smoother user experience. He adds:

“Given that virtually everyone uses their smartphones in portrait mode most of the time, it’s imperative that brand messages are tailored to maximise impact and engagement. We know that the vast majority of online visits across The Sun and The Times happen on mobile, and v-Studio provides a great canvas for brands to better engage their target audiences on our platforms and beyond.”

Content products by v-Studio will be distributed by major UK publishers and social networks including The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times.
However, mobile video advertisers won’t have to run their videos through these publishers. That makes v-Studio a more versatile opening and a direct competitor to agencies for example.
In addition, programmatic buying could also be on the horizon to help speed up transactions in the future.
Mark Field, Head of the commercial division at News UK, told The Drum that functionality was quite broad with content creation at its core.

“[W]e’re utilising all those skills we have – engagement insight and what we know about our audiences, editorial expertise – and pitching against other media companies like Channel 4, Sky, Global Radio, for content budgets. But I wouldn’t position it as a full-service agency because we have certain capabilities. If the client has a particular output they are trying to achieve, if there is a role for us to use our specific set of skills to deliver content to them, then we will do that. But we are never going to go up and pitch against a full service agency. It’s a different model.”