New YouTube Kids app controls put parents in the driving seat

Andy Boxall

In App Business

April 26, 2018

Google is adding new parental control methods to its YouTube Kids app. The controls will help parents monitor and pre-vet content watched by children in the app, which launched in 2015 and is used by 11 million families around the world.

Parents will have the chance to approve each video and video channel their children watch, checking them for content which they feel is appropriate first. Google will also create new channels specifically for YouTube Kids, featuring content from trusted partners including Sesame Workshop.

YouTube Kids product director James Beser told The Guardian:

“From collections of channels from trusted partners to enabling parents to select each video and channel themselves, we’re putting parents in the driver’s seat like never before.”

Alongside the pre-vetted content, Google will take more control over recommendations for further viewing within the app, restricting it to those already checked out by the YouTube Kids team. It’s the first stage in a long-term revamp of the app, starting out with special profiles for kids that can be used on shared devices.

The new YouTube Kids app controls will launch later in 2018.