New Citi mobile app features touch ID

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Global bank Citi recently launched its newly revamped Citi Mobile App for iPhone in the US. The app comes equipped with a series of new features based on customer feedback and behaviours.

Citi has launched a redesigned mobile banking app

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The new app includes Touch ID technology and also integrates with the Apple Watch more seamlessly. In an effort to ease browsing and offer a simplified experience, Citi redesigned the app.  Melissa Stevens, Citi Global Consumer Banking Head of Digital, explains:


“At Citi we are always listening to our customers to learn how to improve their digital banking experiences. Customers have asked for faster and easier access, mobile bill pay tools, credit card spend notifications and simpler app menus, and with the new Citi Mobile app, we’ve made major strides toward delivering those things and more.”

Following on from last year’s launch of pre-login access to key account information through Citi Mobile Snapshot, Citi reckonises that customers want mobile banking to be a seamless experience. In combination with Touch ID, Citi’s Mobile Snapshot feature enables customers to bank around the clock wherever they are. Heather Cox, Citi Global Consumer Banking Chief Client Experience, says:

“Citi customers want mobile banking that is fast, easy and makes their lives simpler. Last year we launched Citi Mobile Snapshot to give customers pre-login access to account information. Today, we are taking the next major step by enabling login with a mere touch through Touch ID, while also introducing a suite of new features easily navigated in a completely redesigned app.”

Among other features of the new app are: a mobile bills payment tools, easier mobile check deposit, push notifications on spending, enhanced historical transaction searches, ATM Finder, credit card payments and navigation improvements.

Mobile banking is a fast growing sector according to research from Bank of America. The study found that 62% of consumers were using their mobile banking apps a few days a week, whilst 20% said they checked their app at least once a day.