Netease prepares its first international mobile game release made with Messiah engine

netease logo

Chinese game development and publishing giant Netease has shown off Tianxia, a new mobile game that uses its own Messiah game development engine, at the E3 trade show recently. The title is expected to be the first Netease game to see an widely promoted international release.

Netease Tianxia game uses the Messiah engine

tianxia screen

The Messiah engine is Netease’s challenger to Unity, has been awarded 20 different patents, and noted for its impressive graphical capability. The engine supports physical-based renders, normal mapping, real-time lighting effects, and GPU sprites.

In a press release on Tianxia and Messiah, it’s stated:

“Messiah demonstrates to the global game industry the exciting possibilities that NetEase and the Chinese game companies hold in innovation. This means that the industry landscape for games and game engines is going to become more competitive going forward.”

Tianxia is a mobile version of Netease’s PC game of the same name, released 8 years ago, and is expected to be one of the company’s main international releases to help it gain popularity outside of China. Visit Netease Games website here for more.