Nabil Ben Khélifa, Sales & Marketing Director, Mobidea Talks Programmatic Advertising

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Posted: December 16, 2015

Mobidea is a Programmatic Affiliate network for Media Buyers and Webmasters. Don’t waste money testing campaigns, advertise only top campaigns that were carefully benchmarked with millions of visits daily! If you have no time to be on top of every offer let our Smart Link auto-optimize your traffic. Nabil Ben Khélifa is the Sales and Marketing Director at Mobidea – he sat down to talk with us about the advantages of mobile programmatic advertising and more.
What is Mobidea and how are you positioned in the market?
Mobidea is a Programmatic mobile performance network especially built for Media buyers and webmasters. We provide a publisher-oriented platform and that is the reason why our dedicated experts are fully available to share their experiences with our affiliates in order to take their business to the next level.
We’ve also launched the Mobidea Academy with detailed and relevant articles about mobile performance marketing. We are a strong company with talented people and we have to thank our affiliates because they helped us gain experience, enabling us to have a better understanding of the whole business. We’ve reached a point in which we can say that we’re one of the key actors on the mobile industry and it’s due to real team work between our multicultural team, affiliates and our advertisers.
What advantages does being a programmatic mobile performance network provide for advertisers and publishers?

Let me share with you something interesting about Mobidea: at the beginning, Mobidea was not supposed to be an affiliate network. We only started building a programmatic buying platform in order to auto-optimize our Media buying campaigns. We agree to say that a machine can run and solve high volume (big data) of complex calculations faster than a human; with a reduced number of mistakes compared to a human. The watchword within the company was to let the machine solve complex or recurring tasks and this is where we are today, with a fully programmatic performance network.
It has many advantages for the publisher. Due to the fact that our experts are more dedicated to publishers, they have the time to provide a deep analysis of their account and to understand what can be improved as far as traffic is concerned. Regarding the offers, our publishers take advantage of our in-house built, self-optimized algorithm in order to auto-optimize their traffic. In fact, this tool is perfect when you manage traffic on a large scale. It’s hard to keep an eye on the traffic and offers when you have to manage billions of visits. So I would say this technology saves both time and money, because there really is no need to run tests as we drive visitors to the best performing campaigns per Country, Hardware, OS and carrier. Basically, we share the workload, our affiliates are taking care of the traffic, and we take care of the offers. It’s a win-win partnership. Regarding the advertisers, it’s more or less the same: as the platform takes care of the optimisation, our account managers invest their time on prospecting local VASP, doing analysis, building benchmark… the goal is to help them come up with ways to improve the product.
What types of clients do you work with? 
We have several types of clients. It depends on which side of the platform you’re in. When you work on the publisher side, the clients are media buyers, webmasters and also networks, as they use to monetize their remnant traffic through our Smart Link. On the advertiser’s side, most of the clients are local content providers.
How does Mobidea help affiliates with the Mobidea Academy? 
Our team is in touch with hundreds of affiliates on a daily basis, and the relationship we have with them is a crucial part of our work. I think that bond is what’s so special about us. They see us as a backup squad and we actually consider our affiliates as an important part of our team. With such an exclusive relationship, they’re used to sharing their concerns with us and we’re glad to answer all their questions. That’s why we came up with the concept for the Mobidea Academy. The main idea is to share both our good and our bad experiences with complete transparency, and we define the subject according to the issue they raised via chat/email with the support or dedicated experts.
What geographies are you focused on and where are you seeing the most growth?
We’re very strong in LATAM countries. Mexico and Argentina are on the TOP5, and then we have to confess that the regulations from the carriers define how strong we are in each region of the globe. Today it’s harder to make huge volumes in mature and competitive markets such as the UK or Italy. These past months, we’ve noticed a huge growth in Asia. Countries like India or Thailand are very interesting because the market is still young and with the growth of the mobile phone penetration rate in this part of the world we’re able to target young mobile users on a large scale. There is no doubt – Asia is a real gold mine!
What mobile devices do you use?
I’ve been using an iPhone for a while now. It would be quite hard for me to switch to something else as I’m so familiar with Apple products.
What are your favourite apps?
I’m using Slack and Skype on a daily basis for professional purposes and it’s very helpful to be connected to my clients 24/7.
What do you think about the Apple Watch? 
Besides the fact that it is a nice, connected watch, I see it as a new support for marketers. Who knows? Maybe in a few years we will all talk about a smartwatch advertising boom.
You can visit the Mobidea website here.