Multi Channel Network steps up mobile advertising targeting with Near

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 9, 2016
Near, the location intelligence platform provider, has partnered with Australian Multi Channel Network (MCN) to roll out a targeted geo-location advertising service nationally.
The launch of MCN Location follows an exclusive agreement between MCN and Near earlier this year in May. Now, TV and digital agencies are able to sell location-based mobile ad packages to agencies.
Near’s Audience Cloud and Converge products allow marketers to identify the location of mobile devices via WiFi, GPS, mobile reception and other means. MCN then combines the data with its own third-party data sources including Roy Morgan Helix personas and behavioural data sets to target specific mobile audience segments, using display, rich media and video ad formats.
Near provides mobile-first audience location tools
Audiences can also be targeted via Near’s app access.
Suzie Cardwell, Director Digital Partnerships and Product Development, MCN, says:

“We’ll be working with Near to extend the location datasets across the rest of our digital network to offer location-based targeting across our premium assets. Over the longer term, we’ll integrate Near’s location data across our marketing-leading data product, Multiview, to connect with audiences across any screen, at any location and at any time.”

MCN has mapped over one million points of interest using the Near platform. These include stadiums, retail outlets and shopping centres. In addition, it also mapped around 15 million device locations as part of its offering to assign behaviours to users of mobile devices in order to segment them.
According to an interview with CMO, MCN plans to segment its audiences into bespoke sets as specified by the advertiser or brand. This means that, for example, a luxury automotive brand could target only male consumers above the age of 35 years that are being tracked across golf clubs and marinas.
In doing so, the firm plans to close the gap in ad attribution and help brands measure campaigns against actual foot traffic in retail locations.

Cameron Curtis, General Manager, Near, adds:

cameron curtis

“Geo-behavioural data becomes more powerful as the audience samples grow larger and they spend time across multiple screens, so for us, MCN’s deep existing engagement with Australian audiences across multiple channels means we will be able to deliver strong results from the outset.”

MCN also announced the addition of Rob Marshall as its new mobile sales Manager.