Mulesoft aims to mobilise legacy apps with new Anypoint release

Christopher Reynolds

In news

January 22, 2015


Mulesoft has released a new version of its flagship Anypoint platform in a bid to lure enterprises desperate to mobilise their legacy applications.

The company claims its new Anypoint Platform for Mobile lets business quickly design, build, manage and analyse APIs that connect mobile apps to older platforms. Anypoint specifically references Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP and Siebel as popular enterprises services that it’s catering for, which is interesting given that Salesforce already has a mobile offering that it’s been pushing for a while.

Anypoint is really emphasising an “API-led” approach to tackling the problems presented by an increasingly mobile workforce. The company says its new product leverages APIs to help unlock data and assets, by “providing a layer of control between legacy systems and the front end.”

Ken Yagen, vice president of products at Mulesoft had this to say:


“Mobile integration is challenging. It forces IT departments to work at two speeds at once. They have to quickly evolve with mobile technology while keeping mission-critical services stable and reliable. MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform gives them a way to do that. It gives them an easy way to create APIs that deliver data and applications to any device in the enterprise without directly exposing their back-end systems. This API-led approach is the key to mobile transformation.”

It’s good to see MuleSoft addressing the issue of integrating legacy apps with mobile. As the company points out in its press release, Gartner recently discovered integrating mobile apps and legacy apps can represent as much as 70% of a mobile app project’s cost. It’s an issue that others are also trying to address, most notably Capriza, which recently raised $27 million in Series C round.

For more information check out the Mulesoft website.