More smartphone users are ok with mobile app push notifications

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

January 25, 2018

More than half (52%) of smartphone users are finding that push notifications have improved, according to a survey by Localytics. The company surveyed 1,000 smartphone owners in the US and found that marketers may be getting better at mobile communication.
Another 38% of respondents said they were the same and 10% considered them to be worse than before.
However, push notifications could still be more helpful. Indeed, three in five survey respondents said that they were only somewhat helpful and one in five found them to be entirely distracting.
The company conducted a similar survey back in 2o15 and comparing the results it found that in 2017 users are generally willing to receive more push notifications before they disable them compared to two years ago.
However, marketers shouldn’t be overdoing it since apps which send two to five notifications per week are still considered more annoying. The latter does not account for social media, messaging or dating apps, which rely on push notifications to notify a user of a message.
When it comes to the number of push notifications which users would consider before disabling a push notification, the figures have remained fairly similar between years. Two to five notifications a week appear to be more acceptable in 2017 than in 2015.

The notifications which are still considered more valuable by users are those which have they initiated themselves.
With 90% of people now accepting at least one push notification a week, marketers should be ready to experiment more.
In addition, advertisers could add more preferences and options for different types of notifications to help users choose and modify their options.