More people are using mobile devices for travel inspiration and bookings

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 20, 2018

More travelers are now using mobile devices to seek travel tips and inspirations than ever before, according to a survey by marketing personalization tech company Qubit.
According to the 2018 Travel Survey, 42% of travelers aged under 35 years are seeking out travel inspirations using their mobile devices. 36% use their mobile devices to also book trips. In comparison, just 24% of those aged over 35 years are using their mobile devices to search for travel and just 20% rely on their mobile devices to book.
The survey also found that respondents seemed to respond positively to personalization efforts by travel companies. Making the booking experience as relevant as possible for the end user is a big bonus. Consumers under the age of 35, families and last-minute bookers are responding particularly well to increased personalization.
US travelers are overall more loyal to sites they’ve booked with before and around 27% of US travelers wouldn’t switch sites compared to 9.5% of UK travelers.
Recommendations are another welcome addition to the mobile travel experience.
In the UK, 69% of millennials are finding recommendations helpful, compared to 40% of the over 35-year-olds. In the US, 78% of travelers are liking recommendations compared to 65% of those above 35.
However, most agree that customer reviews are very helpful. Indeed, 78% of millennials and 72% of those above 35 years rate reviews as important in the UK. In the US that number is even higher at 88% for millennials and 82% for those above 35 agreeing that reviews are important.
Graham Cooke, CEO, Qubit, explained:

“Our survey results show that today’s travel customers are increasingly fickle, but the data also shows that their behavior can be modified through personalization features such as recommendations. This confirms our belief that personalization should be standard practice across the board.”
“We also identified a clear trend towards mobile, with younger demographics starting to favor mobile as their booking channel of choice. Travel companies should expect 2018 to be the year when customers expect the experience of researching and reserving travel on our wireless devices to be just as easy and trouble-free as on the desktop.”