More consumers are using their smartphones to call businesses

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. March 15, 2016

Smartphones have made it easier than ever before to research products and services and connect with businesses. Now, a study by mobile ad analytics company, Marchex, has found that Australian consumers click-to-call businesses from their smartphones over 7bn times in 2016 through search engines, websites, display ads and social networks.
Marchex provides a host of call analytics products
The research is based on an analysis of over 950,000 consumer-to-business calls to customers of Marchex Call Analytics. It measures sales and consumer intent from click-to-call activity using Marchex Call DNA, which maps, scores and classifies phone calls.
Daniel Benton, Country Manager ANZ, Marchex, says:
daniel benton

“Although Australians are spending an increasing amount on e-commerce, online sales account for just 4.5% of consumer purchases. The remaining purchases occur in the ‘real-world,’ and are increasingly influenced by digital and mobile research. A click to call is one of the most natural and common ways consumers will reach out to businesses across a variety of industries, including financial services, travel, local services, technology and retail.”

Marchex also found that 3bn calls were coming directly from search engine results and ads. Australian businesses have been making it easier to encourage calls from customers with 80% of the country’s top brands providing a phone number in Google organic or paid results.
82% of calls made to businesses are rich product and service conversations. Of those, 25% end in sales or appointments.
However, 7% of calls went unanswered, representing a missed opportunity for Australian businesses to connect.