More advertisers are now able to use sponsored messages on Facebook Messenger

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

November 7, 2017

Facebook plans to make its sponsored messages on Messenger available to all advertisers in the near future. The expansion means that more marketers will be able to promote their products and services directly to the people whom they have already started a conversation with.

Originally, sponsored messages were launched a year ago, however, the advertising format was only available to select advertisers and brands.

A recent study revealed that 54.5% of US social media users actually prefer to use messaging channels such as Messenger to speak to brands. That makes sponsored messages a good opportunity for re-engagement.

Australian airline Qantas found that Messenger was a more efficient digital channel to drive traffic with a click-through rate that was 4.5x higher than Facebook ads.

Similarly, apparel maker Love Your Melon achieved a 14x return on ad spend from their sponsored messages campaign.

Importantly, advertisers interested in using sponsored messages should also create custom audiences first in order to retarget to the right people.