Momentous Entertainment Group acquires mobile ad network Blackfox

Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc., the online social media network company, has announced that it acquired, the mobile advertising network.
The move follows a strong year at Blackfox which noted solid growth in 2016 with new premium and large budget advertising customers such as Symantec and Tiger Media. Revenues topped $2.5 million annually over the last four years.
Blackbox provides a platform to run mobile ad sales campaigns for such companies as Walmart, Nutri-Systems, Old Navy, LivingSocial, Amazon, GoDaddy, Macy’s, LendingTree and others. As part of its unique business strategy, clients only pay for performance upon purchase or installs. In addition, clients pay on credit terms.
For Momentous the acquisition means that advertisers now get to tap into risk-free opportunities to capitalise on mobile advertising campaigns.
Momentous CEO Kurt Neubauer explains:

“This brings to a completion, our third acquisition to Momentous and adds yet another worldwide revenue stream to enhance our overall top and bottom line revenues. Momentous is utilizing both sides of the market equation, having a large worldwide base of social media subscribers and customers and identifying and acquiring ecommerce and other products and services that will appeal to those user bases. We are continuing to work our acquisition model and expect to continue this process throughout the year.”

Blackbox launched in 2014 with 10 employees and has been consistently growing over the years. The company was recently selected by Mobyaffiliates as part of our Top Mobile Affiliate Networks for 2017.
As part of the acquisition, Todd Rambilas, Founder and CEO of Blackfox, agree to join Momentous on a contract basis to transition the business and continue its growth of sales and technological expansion.