MoEngage’s new Nativ user engagement tech delivers custom in-app messages without coding

Andy Boxall

In App Development

March 17, 2016


Mobile marketing platform MoEngage has launched Nativ, a new way of engaging with app users using custom, personalized in-app messages that appear to be a native part of the app itself. It does this without the need to write any new code.

The idea is to remove the engineering roadblocks that stop fast, personalized messages being delivered to the user. The platform includes customizable templates for campaign messages, which can be added to your app and appear native, all with just a few clicks.

MoEngage’s Nativ technology lets marketers and developers engage with app users

Using MoEngage’s Nativ technology, developers and marketers bypass time-consuming stages including development and app store submission, going straight from the concept and design inside Nativ to the user inside the app, in around 30 minutes.

MoEngage says that by using Nativ to create tailored in-app experiences for specific users means fewer abandonments, a greater uptake in push notifications, more in-app purchases, and higher ratings inside the app store.

Learn more about MoEngage’s Nativ technology by visiting the company’s website here.