Mobvista raises $10m in Series A funding to grow its mobile ad network internationally

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The mobile ad network Mobvista has announced that it recently raised $10 million in Series A funding from Chinese Internet network NetEase. This investment establishes Mobvista as one of the leading international mobile advertising platforms and one of a small group to have raised this amount of capital. The linkup with Netease is designed to provide additional resources to improve brand awareness for Mobvisa and accelerate the international growth strategy of Netease.
According to Robin Duan, the founder and CEO of Mobvista the funding will be used to invest in their technology stack and international operations:

“On one hand, Mobvista will focus more on R&D and consistent innovation.Big data research,programmatic ad operations and user targeting will be of great value for the whole company, which we will definitely be more profoundly engaged in. On the other hand, Mobvista will further expand local operations, especially in US and Europe, with investment in bringingin more talent and establishing local offices. We are striding for a steady step in our business development globally”

As mobile becomes the dominant internet platform a new wave of innovation is being driven by Chinese digital companies such as Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba and Weibo that are bringing new approaches to product, operations and marketing. The penetration of the huge domestic Chinese market by these platforms is creating the growth to enable them to expand overseas into the international market. Increasingly, the leading Chinese mobile apps are developing international services and are growing their marketing spend. This is creating opportunities for companies like Mobvista to work with Chinese mobile apps and connect them to advertising and marketing opportunities in western markets. Robin Duan, the Founder and CEO of Mobvista likens their role to that of a “Ferryman” helping Chinese apps to “travel and earn money in totally strange country.”
Examples of Mobvista Clients and Partners
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The members of Mobvista’s founding team have all worked at the top Chinese internet companies including as UC web, Huawei and Alipay and began offering services officially in April, 2013. Today, Mobvista operates a worldwide mobile ad network, integrating ad inventory from 236 countries adding up to a total of 5 billion daily impressions. So far, they have successfully acquired millions of overseas users for a large number of clients. The goal for Mobvista going forward it to constantly improve the precision of mobile advertising and the business value that it delivers to clients.
Mobvista has a strong presence in the Southeast Asia Market and in the course of their mobile ad business activities there they observed that in this region with a population of over 600m smart phone penetration and mobile usage habits were growing in a similar way to the Chinese market. In addition, Chinese content is increasingly popular in many markets, with dramas created by the Hong Kong based TVB one example of a successful Chinese cultural export. To take advantage of these trends Mobvista launched a game publishing business which has achieved significant success to date with over 10 games published and the title Qin Mei Ren becoming the only S level mobile game in Vietnam by earning 1 million dollars every month.
One of the main trends in the mobile advertising market over the last 18 months has been the emergence of a new breed of world-class companies from China bringing a combination of strong technology and significant investment to the table. Mobvista is another example of this trend and looks to be one to watch for 2015.
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