Mobvista hits No.2 spot (after Facebook) in the Appsflyer Global Performance Index for Android

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Posted: October 22, 2015

Mobvista was ranked the 2nd among the top 25 media sources in the Appsflyer performance index for eCommerce, Travel and Utility apps in Android, and the 6th – in iOS. According to the report, Chinese-grown networks ascend up the rankings, with Mobvista taking the lead among its peers. The report represents information on the media sources that drive users with the highest retention, and the brands, countries, languages and OS versions which have the best retention rates.
Appsflyer Android Power Ranking
As it’s said, the app stores are flooded with the applications (1.4 million apps in App Store and 1.5 million in Play Market). On average, every device has 42 applications installed, and only 10 out of them are launched by 87% of users daily.
eCommerce, Travel and Utility apps usually have a higher LTV because they are often driven by intent, which means an app is installed to fulfill a specific and often immediate/tangible need. On the other hand, an impulsive-driven install decision is characteristic of the gaming vertical where action is often spontaneous in nature and does not fulfill a specific and immediate need.
The AppsFlyer Performance Index
Only apps with the minimum of 5.000 installs were used in the study of over 450 million installs across hundreds of eCommerce, Travel and Utility Apps running campaigns with hundreds of AppsFlyer’s integrated media partners between May and July 2015. A rank was combining two factors that were given equal weight in the formula: both retention and the total number of installs it generated.
The retention rate was calculated as the unique number of users who were active on the days 1, 7 and 30 out of the total number of the users which first launched the app.
AppsFlyer Power Ranking – Android
In Android part of the ranking the main trend was marked out: Chinese companies are emerging as dominant forces across the globe with 4 out of top 6 slots, with Mobvista in the lead, being the next after Facebook, overcoming even Google AdWords and Twitter, that go the 4th and 8th respectively.
AppsFlyer Power Ranking – iOS
For iOS, Mobvista appeared the 6th as well as for the average normalized retention rate ranking (a relative figure that’s used solely for the purpose of ranking the top performers and the relative differences between them). Three leaders of the ranking for iOS are Facebook, Twitter and Google AdWords.
Average Normalized Retention – iOS
Mobvista is the industry-leading mobile advertising platform that specializes in global mobile advertising and overseas game publishing. The company covers worldwide mobile users, reaching billions of daily impressions through boosting technology innovation and excellent customized service.
AppsFlyer is the leading Mobile Attribution & Marketing Analytics platform that allows app marketers to measure the performance of all their marketing channels – paid, organic and social – from a single real-time dashboard.
You can check out Mobvista’s website here.