Mobvista CEO, Robin Duan on the Latest Trends in Mobile Advertising

Jamie Giggs

In Mobile Advertising Blog. December 10, 2014

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Mobvista helps advertisers, publishers and affiliates maximize their mobile ad revenue. Robin Duan is the CEO of Mobvista. He previously served as the Marketing Director of UCWeb, a leading provider of mobile internet software. Robin also worked for what is now the largest telecommunications equipment maker in the world, Huawei Technology, in Product Management. We caught up with Robin to find out more about Mobvista, hear his views on the world of mobile advertising and discuss the future of the industry.

What is Mobvista and how are you positioned in the market?

As a mobile content distribution platform, Mobvista specializes in mobile advertising and game publishing. Founded in March, 2013, Mobvista has branch offices in Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. Today, Mobvista operates a worldwide mobile ad network, integrates ad spots and websites from 236 countries and receives more than 5 billion daily impressions. In August 2014, Mobvista received A round financing for ten million dollars from Netease. Mobvista is a major partner in global mobile performance marketing for multiple well-known mobile internet companies including Baidu, Alibaba, Qihoo360, ChangYou and Cheetah Mobile. In 2014, Mobvista’s annual revenue is expected to reach 100 billion.
In this market, Mobvista aims to grow into a leading global mobile content distribution network. Meanwhile, it owns strong capabilities in R&D and big data research.

What types of apps and games are you working with and what’s most successful on your network right now? 

Right now, Mobvista mainly works with utility apps and RPG games. So far, the most successful app promoted by Mobvista’s network is Cleanmaster of Cheetah Mobile. This app covers 56 countries, and ranks No. 1 in Google Play among more than 30 countries. Mobvista brings millions of global users for Cleanmaster, and now it has over 100 million installations.

What type of publishers are you looking to work with internationally and what do they need to be successful on your platform?  

As a leading global mobile content distribution platform, Mobvista specializes in mobile advertising. With a 3-minute-to-integrate SDK, innovative ad formats, more direct cooperation with advertisers and smart targeting based on big data, Mobvista serves as a one-stop-shop for publishers, weekly paying over $1,000,000 to our partners. Mobvista is committed to creating more native and content-aliased ad formats. All we need from publishers is their passion and focus on products; Mobvista will take the products overseas and bring mutual benefits.

You recently raised a big round of investment – what are you going to be using the capital for?  

On October 9, 2014, Mobvista claimed it received A round financing for ten million dollars from Netease, one of the largest overseas mobile advertising platforms receiving over ten million of registered capital. This was a win-win movement both for Mobvista and Netease.
Regarding the use of the capital, Mobvista will focus on the following two aspects. On one hand, we will focus more on R&D and consistent innovation. We are continuously working to make our ads system more intelligent and efficient. On the other hand, we will further expand local operations especially in US and Europe by putting more investment in bringing in more talents and establishing local offices. We are striding for a steady step in our business development globally.

What geographies are you seeing the most growth in right now?

Mobile traffic is experiencing rapid growth in Russia, India, Southeast Asia and South Latin America. The overseas marketing spend budget on the mobile end in 2014 for Chinese companies is over one billion US dollars, and the annual growth rate is over 100%.

What impact do you think programmatic advertising is going to have on the mobile ad business?  

At present, programmatic advertising is a relatively small portion of mobile advertising, and it still has some improvements to make. In the long run, as the global mobile traffic system is becoming more transparent, programmatic advertising will significantly lower the cost for advertisers.

What do you think the key mobile advertising market trends are for 2015? 

As far as I am concerned, there are three aspects. Firstly, the cost for gaining users will be higher. Advertisers will focus more on ROI and user qualities. It will be more challenging for polymerized networks to meet advertisers’ requirements about quality. Secondly, native ads in scale will be adopted by more and more ad networks, and traditional display advertising needs to be reformed. Last but not the least, the more precise user targeting based on user interests and demography will be of greater value for both advertisers and users.

Your team includes people from many of the leading internet companies in China – what other qualities does Mobvista look for when recruiting?

In Mobvista, we advocate being simple and happy, and complete our mission with whatever it requires. Because of this, Mobvista has achieved exponential growth in only more than one year. Our team is rapidly growing. Talents with global vision and strong learning capabilities are vital for Mobvista’s global business. More importantly, each team member in Mobvista needs a sense of duty and obligations, and this is constantly put it into practice.

What mobile devices do you use?  

I’ve used both iOS and Android mobile devices. Among them, I prefer to use MIUI.

What’s your favourite app / mobile game?

During our marketing for Cleanmaster, I found this app quite useful. I’ve been using it since then.
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