MobPartner releases iOS app to help publishers track mobile ad performance

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MobPartner has released an official companion app for its advertisers made especially for iOS, to help clients keep track of revenue and statistics related to all their mobile apps and sites. The new iOS app joins an existing Android app offering similar functionality, which the team promises will also be updated before the end of December.
Using the MobPartner app allows advertisers to keep track of their current balance, plus statistics including impressions, clicks, installs, and leads for each traffic source. All this data is can be viewed in daily, weekly, and monthly form.
MobPartner’s iOS app keeps track of revenue and statistics
MobPartner App
In addition to the stats, it’s possible to browse through MobPartner’s catalogue of Ad Units. Both native ads and standard ads can be viewed, selected, and configured in the app. MobPartner mentions its MobStream, MobSearch, MobWidget, and MobWall native ad options, along with Banner and Interstitial standard ads. Provided you have a MobPartner account, there’s also direct access to the company’s support team.
The app is free to download from the iTunes App Store now, and is compatible with all devices equipped with iOS 6 or later, although it does state the app is optimized for the iPhone 5, and not the newer iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models, but this shouldn’t affect its operation.
MobPartner is based in Paris, and provides mobile advertising and monetization solutions for clients around the world. You can visit MobPartner’s company profile for more details.