MobileBridge: “Marketers need to stop thinking of mobile as ‘just another channel,’ and begin integrating it into their overall engagement strategy as THE channel.” [Interview]

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising Blog. September 16, 2016

Mobile app engagement and analytics firm, MobileBridge, has just announced the opening of its new worldwide headquarters in Nashua, NH, US. Originally founded in 2012 with offices in the Netherlands and UK, the company has been busy expanding and innovating its mobile advertising platform.
MobileBridge launches new headquarters
Eyal Oster, CEO of MobileBridge, told Mobyaffiliates that the US expansion is in line with the company’s plans to explore the “hot” US market for mobile app engagement. He adds:

“Companies have successfully adopted personalisation and engagement tools for their websites, now they are looking to mobile apps as the next phase of customer engagement.”

Indeed, having established a team of partners with expertise of the mobile app projects market in the US, including Boston Interactive, Deja View Concepts, and Verndale, it makes sense for MobileBridge to take the next step to establish its headquarters here. Oster says that partners have been exploring the integration of real-time video footage into theme park mobile apps, as well as engaging attendees through app marketing and driving traffic to brand locations.
MobileBridge has previously led campaigns for notable brands including Burger King, Volkswagen, Audi and Pirelli. Its new headquarters will be located in a 3,300 square foot space within the Nashua One Tara Boulevard business center.
As mobile app downloads are predicted to top 270bn by 2017, value in mobile app engagement marketing is becoming a more important topic. Oster adds that what differentiates MobileBridge from the competition is that its platform does not modularise functions or charge based on the amount of user push notifications or engagements.

“This makes it easy for someone to get started – many just opt to plug in our analytics to begin capturing data that allows them to understand their audiences much better. Then using that data, begin automating campaigns to engage users in a 1-to-1 dialog, providing personalised, continuous engagement between the company and their user. This results in a highly scalable platform for any organisation,” he explains.

Data and assets are MobileBridge’s strong points. Its platform aims to “fill the gap between all marketing channels by connecting with CRM, marketing automation, eCommerce or any other system with user/customer data, indoor and outdoor location data, with data from a person’s most intimate device – their mobile phones.” It’s all about providing rich assets to build more engaging and data-focused experiences.
However, Oster admits that mobile marketers are facing challenges. Too many advertisers and brands are holding back, focused on extending their desktop campaigns to mobile. This presents a challenge, because mobile formats and best engagement practices are vastly different to those on desktop. Oster says that many companies “miss the opportunity to drive real engagement with their mobile customers, to have measurable mobile attribution, or location based engagement. They also miss the opportunity to bridge between the online and offline worlds. Or many jumped on the bandwagon of the ‘there’s an app for that’ era and built apps for the sake of having an app. This created tons of lost opportunity and wasted resources since we didn’t know then what we know now.”
Indeed, mobile apps should now be a vital addition to a company’s omni-channel strategy. Consumers are demanding more engaging and personalised communication with brands and as such apps can provide valuable tools to reach them.

“Marketers need to stop thinking of mobile as ‘just another channel,’ and begin integrating it into their overall engagement strategy as THE channel,” he adds.

For Oster, who previously held various executive roles at tech companies including AiPixel and Aitech, it’s important that MobileBridge continues to innovate its platform according to client feedback and app innovations. He says:

“We have a release coming out this month that [includes] some great new capabilities, [such as] enhanced integration with and Hybris to more easily use data from these leading platform within MobileBridge workflows. [But also a] new interface to more easily create native assets such as gamified promotions, polls and in-app messages for marketers to engage users in campaigns.”

In addition the new platform will serve templates to allow marketers to more easily create interactive assets, provide A/B testing support to find out which assets perform the best, and support weather data for workflows. Oster concludes:

“With our new office opening in Nashua, NH, we’ll soon be announcing some key new team members, as well as partners to accelerate our growth in the US. We plan to maintain our leadership globally in mobile app engagement and analytics, and look forward to shaping how companies succeed in driving customer engagement and revenue through mobile.”