Mobile video advertising for food and beverages increases 70% on Positive Mobile

Social media and mobile video have long been playgrounds for foodies. And now food and beverage advertisers are tapping into the trend with Positive Mobile, the mobile video advertising site, noting a 70% increase in food and drink campaigns during Q1 2017. 42% of the company’s in-feed mobile video ads are of the category.
The company today revealed some interesting trends from its Q1 2017 quarterly mobile video advertising report, with the strength of food industry ads being perhaps the most surprising. Within the ad category, Food comprised 32.2% of the total 70%, Beverages grabbed a 26.2% share and Snacks 12.3%. Within retail, Food Services were a leading sub-category at 62.8%.
The increased interest has been explained by Professor Aradhna Krishna, Professor of Marketing at the University of Michigan, who studies how sensory cues in food adverts can boost the consumer experience and purchase intent. According to Professor Krishna, increasing imagined food smell via visual cues stimulates consumer desire for food products.
The mobile touch screen may add further to this phenomenon by stimulating consumers to want to reach for the food or drink item.
Tzahi Stein, CEO & founder, Positive Mobile, explains:

“Mobile consumers are responding more and more to enticing food images, whether it’s the 500m monthly views Tasty achieved in only 15 months, or the strong share and performance of food and beverage advertisers working with Positive Mobile in Q1 2017. As in-feed mobile video ads gains more trust from brand marketers, we see the big FMCG brands, specifically in the food category, increasing the budgets they allocate to in-feed.”

Among the other interesting topics in the report, Positive Mobile found that ads for video content dominated the Arts & Entertainment category accounting for 13.1% of all videos. Healthcare saw an increase in ads for cold medications and the Toy and Retail category declined somewhat following the end of the Holiday season.