Mobile strategy still lacking a clear definition among marketers

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising. August 1, 2016

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Despite 37% of total digital traffic now coming from mobile, up from 31% a year ago, a clear mobile strategy is still underrated among marketers. Just 62% of global advertisers expect over 50% of their traffic to come from mobile over the coming year. That’s according to new research from Adobe and eConsultancy.
Just 31% of businesses and agencies have a clearly defined mobile strategy for the next 12 months.
Based on a survey of 4,166 marketing executives globally, the findings represent a major challenge.
Majority of marketers still don’t have a mobile strategy in 2016
Ray Pun, Head of product marketing for mobile, Adobe Marketing Cloud, says:
ray pun

“The surprise is still the maturity challenge, where if only 20 percent have a strategy, that indicates there is a major problem in the organization, really with the management team. Experience is becoming a key strategy. If your digital experience is lacking, especially on mobile, how can you expect to grow your business?”

However, he adds that there may be a pain point which people aren’t speaking about.
Whilst brands are trying to become part of the maturity growth of mobile, the technology carries on to become a dominant force in consumers’ lives. 23% of brands and 19% of agencies do not have a strategy for mobile in place. Another 25% of brands and 27% of agencies said they were currently working on one. 32% of brands and 43% of agencies do have a strategy, but it’s not well defined.
In the meantime, brands are investing in mobile with 60% planning to increase mobile spend over the coming year. However, that’s a slight drop from last year at 62%. Perhaps that’s due to an increase in marketers planning to keep their investments the same (38% compared to 35% last year).
According to the survey, a lack of resources as well as a missing understanding for mobile app presence optimisation within the organisation are among the main barriers for entry.
28% of respondents say that over half of digital traffic comes from mobile, up from 18% in 2015.
In addition, the study found that 28% of commerce revenues were coming through mobile, an increase of 7% from last year. However, transactions on mobile have yet to reach the level businesses forecast a year ago: 47% of businesses had expected mobile traffic to reach 50%.
Pun adds:

“From an investment perspective, we see that in 2016, folks are continuing to increase their investments. Folks see that the execution process is a challenge and without a strategy, the investment may not be going into the right place. Most are still shifting from a desktop-centric to mobile. Some have put mobile at the center. For others, it is just a spoke. These are things that require time and money.”