Mobile players that pay in one game, are more likely to pay in the next, and the next

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Mobile game players that pay for in-app purchases in one game, are highly likely to pay for them in a second game. How likely? Data shows 13% of players will pay again in another game, highlighting the importance of understanding in-app purchase history for players, and for cross-game marketing.

Research from mobile analytics company Soomla shows how deep this trend runs. A total of 18% of players who spend inside an app within 24-hours of first playing, are likely to spend in the second, while 24% will pay again if they start playing a second game inside 30 days.

Soomla’s research shows players that pay in one app, continue to pay in subsequent games

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The probability of these players paying out in another game continues to rise, according to the company’s data. It’s pointed out that first-time payers are 13% more likely to pay in the second game, 23% in the third game, and 29% in the fourth.

Additionally, the more money spent that first time, also increases the chances of paying in another game. In-app purchasers spending $25 or more were 40% more likely to pay in a different game. Soomla also shows that players using action or trivia apps prefer to spend out in a different genre, while arcade and family app players tend to stick to the same genre.

The data comes from Soomla’s Mobile Gaming Insights Report, which can be downloaded from here.