Mobile one of big ecommerce themes for 2010

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March 19, 2010

Rob Smith from blueleaf digital posted up on the excellent Carsonified blog a post on “5 Important E-Commerce Themes for 2010”.  The third theme was “Mobile” and Rob says:
“I know, it’s been coming for years. However it’s widely believed that smart-phone adoption will reach a critical mass in the next 12-18 months. What does that mean for us? Customers will have access to the internet or at least a much richer media experience via their phones. People generally always have their phones with them. On the train in the car, the office, at home on the sofa. Many more people have phones than laptops.
What does this mean for e-commerce? Will people really shop and look through entire catalogues to order? Maybe not. Will they bob on their phone to track their order? Maybe. It’s all about context and how they are using their phone to communicate with you and your service.
Some companies are already striving ahead. Pizza delivery companies like Dominoes and Pizza Hut are doing well in the space creating applications and mobile focused websites to help with ordering. It’s important to note that we don’t mean iPhone applications here. It’s a combination of applications and mobile focused websites that are the key. The iPhone is still not a massive % of the mobile space.
Other notable successes in this area are Amazon and Interflora. Some notable failures are Tesco (UK supermarket chain), Sainsburys (UK supermarket chain) and (online entertainment retailer) – all without a whiff of a mobile site on my iPhone.”
Of course here at mobyaffiliates we completely agree and expect things to change rapidly this year as mobile commerce goes mainstream. For example, the success of Ocado in developing an iphone app means that Tesco is sure to follow soon.   One thing to note is that Amazon is not that mobilef-friendly – they have yet to open their affiliate program to mobile devices.   One thing is for certain – the more e-commerce there is on mobile, the bigger the opportunity for mobile affiliates!

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