Mobile Marketing Tips from Sponsormob

James Cooper

In Uncategorized. March 4, 2012

This is a guest post from the guys over at sponsormob sharing their tips on mobile marketing.  We’ll be posting regular Sponsormob Mobile Marketing Tips so keep an eye out on the blog for more.  
Sponsormob’s Mobile Marketing Tips: Getting started in Mobile Affiliate Marketing
With the increasing popularity of smartphones and the growth of mobile internet usage, affiliates who have been successful on the web, as well as many new to affiliate marketing, are looking into mobile affiliate marketing to make money. Affiliate marketing on mobile can be very profitable, but it is important that affiliates new to mobile start slowly and learn what works best, even if they are familiar with online affiliate marketing.
Here are some tips for affiliates getting started in mobile –
Start small
We at Sponsormob tell even experienced web affiliates to test the waters with one or two campaigns when starting out on mobile. Once you see how they go, you can gradually increase your campaign number and scale. User behavior is different on mobile than on the web, so ads and campaign optimization are also going to differ. Be open and take time to learn what works and what doesn’t.
Understand what kind of traffic you need for an offer
Read the descriptions of the offers carefully and ensure that you only send the correct traffic to the offer. Traffic that doesn’t match an offer will be redirected to other offers. For example, you wouldn’t want to send an Android offer to iOS devices. Mismatched offers and traffic result in lower conversions, as the user is sent to an offer that doesn’t match the banner. In short, traffic that doesn’t suit the offer is wasted traffic and wasted money.
Use your reporting tools
Networks offer varying types of reporting to their affiliates. Typical tools include
regular reports (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly) with information on current and past campaigns. Media buying self-service networks usually only provide details on country and campaigns. We at Sponsormob provide stats on carriers, devices, operating system, and country as well to give affiliates detailed campaign information. Be sure to choose a network which offers a very comprehensive set of tools to analyze your statistics for your campaigns. These tools can help you optimize your campaigns, by understanding the traffic you need to increase your CVR.
Ask questions
Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask your affiliate manager for information – their job is to help you, so contact them as needed. If you encounter problems or need help, don’t hesitate or be too proud to ask!

Sponsormob is an international conversion provider for the mobile web. Founded in 2006, Sponsormob helps advertisers and agencies gain reach with highly targeted mobile-ads using data-driven technology. It also offers publishers strategic integration opportunities matched with a variety of attractive mobile campaigns now available. Sponsormob offers affiliates appealing offers amd unique, in-house tracking.