Mobile marketing firm Mobvious officially launches in the US

Mobile marketing solution, Mobvious, has announced its US launch. Support comes from HiMedia Group and Latam Digital Ventures. The company says it offers some innovative mobile formats alongside a network of high-quality publishers and caters campaigns specifically for the bicultural millennial Hispanic markets.
Mobvious officially launches
With an office in Miami, the firm is co-founded and led by Isabel Rafferty Zavala. She’s previously worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies and headed Adsmovil, mobile ad company with offices in LA, NYC and Chicago.
Cyril Zimmermann, CEO of HiMedia, says:
cyril zimmermann

“The experience, vision and relationships Isabel has built during her career are fundamental to lead Mobvious and make it a competitive player in the United States market.”

Estimated at around $1.5tr, the Hispanic bicultural millennial US population is an attractive market for brands due to sheer size and purchasing power.
The demographic was found to be heavy on mobile usage and according to Nielsen Mobile Insights, bilingual Hispanics invest over 762 minutes each month in using their mobile devices. Hispanics aren’t far off at 658 minutes compared to the average population at 510 minutes.
Mobvious’ solution provides mobile formats such as video, audio and display, but also geo-localisation and rich media features. Rich data will be used to identify sub-segments in English and Spanish. Reach covers 80% of the Hispanic population that owns a mobile device. Mobvious’ platform analyses data across interactions.
Isabel Rafferty Zavala adds:
isabel rafferty zavala

“Mobvious is an international company that has outperformed in other international markets because of its innovative mobile products as well as their relationships with important publishers. Together, this will ensure excellent results for our clients.”

Mobvious is among two other companies that received financial support from Latam Digital Ventures.