Mobile in China is booming, Appcoach wins users and boosts revenue with exclusive Asian traffic source ad network

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Partner Post - Appcoach navigate & win the Asian mobile market

Posted: June 27, 2017

Appcoach Market is the premium ad network for western advertisers to develop presence and optimize user acquisition campaigns in China and Asia.
With an over 90% increase in advertising expenditure this year, China is experiencing an influx of new apps wishing to capitalize on its 1.33 billion mobile user market. But how do western advertisers navigate this region of complex media channels and publishers? It’s simple: capitalize on China and Asia’s mobile market with premium, exclusive publisher traffic sources with Appcoach Market.  
Head-quartered in Shanghai, Appcoach is renowned for helping direct advertisers navigate and win the Asian and Chinese mobile market with new-market user acquisition strategy, media planning and buying, and creative localization. From Baidu and WeChat, to Tencent, Youku and Alibaba, the agency has long-standing relationships with top Asian and Chinese publishers, video and social channels, accelerating western advertisers presence in new emerging markets.
Appcoach Market: premium exclusive inventory in China and Asia.
Appcoach Market is the agency’s own leading display and video ad network. The platform has exclusive traffic sources in China and Asia from local news and gaming to lifestyle and e-commerce mobile apps and websites. Appcoach Market also integrates with top media networks including Baidu Video, the Chinese equivalent to Google, which retains 660 million monthly active users and 70 million daily users, allowing western advertisers to hyper-target new audience parameters in their campaigns.
Appcoach Market earns up to 3x more users in Asia and China.
Appcoach Market enables advertisers to outperform their competitors with exclusive SDK traffic sources. In Asia and China, Appcoach Market has helped advertisers earn up to 3x more users and up to 40% more Average Revenue Per User, compared to the top 3 global ad networks. Appcoach Market integrates with over 1,000 publishers and advertisers, and supports multiple video and display formats including in-stream, banner, interstitial, pre-roll video and rewarded video. To find out more about Appcoach Market visit
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