Mobile header bidding goes mainstream and other findings from PubMatic’s latest report

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

February 21, 2018

The volume of monetised impressions across mobile private marketplaces (PMPs) grew 37% the year-over in Q4 2017, according to new research from publisher-focused sell-side platform PubMatic.
PMPs offer advertisers access to premium inventory that is safeguarded against advertising fraud and brand risk.
The new Q4 2017 Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) suggests that the rise in mobile PMPs may be due to leading marketers boosting their programmatic ad spend.
For publishers, PMPs offer added control over inventory as well as buyer partnerships. This led to mobile PMP eCPM pricing at a 155% premium in 2017.
Rajeev Goel, co-founder and CEO of PubMatic, noted:

“We have seen a profound shift towards supply chain integrity and quality in 2017. We expect this trend towards quality and programmatic direct to continue in 2018 as advertisers increasingly demand higher standards for transacting. As an industry, we need to continue our efforts in giving buyers access to highly-engaged mobile audiences in a brand safe environment while providing sellers greater visibility and control.”

The report also highlighted that mobile header bidding had become more mainstream. Global volume growth rates were slowing in Q4 2017 as the market approached maturity.

Mobile web noted a 122% rise in header bidding impression volume in Q4 2017, closely aligning with desktop inventory, which saw a 81% year-on-year impression rise over the same period.
Hybrid solutions which combine client and server-side integrations increased 13.6% to 20.7% in terms of adoption rate.
The report also noted that apps drove mobile volume growth in 2017. At the same time, mobile web eCPMs increased over 50% year-on-year.
Header bidding impression volumes that were monetized via mobile web in 2017 grew fastest in APAC rising 43x, followed by EMEA (4x) and the Americas (1.5x).
Mobile video is still rated as an opportunity in development as its global footprint with mobile video eCPMs catches up to desktops.