Mobile clicks and impressions up as much as 80%, says Kenshoo report

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

October 19, 2015

Mobile advertising is undoubtedly driving the rise in digital marketing in 2015. The latest Kenshoo Digital Marketing Snapshot: Q3 2015 confirms that it is a key driver for paid social and search advertising. Year-on-year spending for mobile increased by 159% for paid social ads and 66% for paid search. Phones also drove impressions and clicks with 68% of paid social ad clicks and 50% of search clicks.
Overall digital marketing snapshot
Due to the demand for mobile ads, Cost per click (CPC) jumped 21% for social ads year-on-year, whilst CPC was down for search at -7% the year over.
Chris Costello, Director of marketing research, Kenshoo, adds:
chris costello

“The third quarter continued the mobile growth trend from the first half of 2015. Consumers rely on mobile devices more than ever, and advanced marketers are following suit with increasingly optimized campaigns which delivered positive results in both paid social and search. As publishers expand and refine their mobile offerings, marketers should expect to continue improving performance heading into the holiday season.”

In addition, Kenshoo published more detailed global analysis for the Americas, EMEA and APJ regions. American ad spend was driven by smartphones with 69% and up 10% overall from 2014. Search clicks on mobile jumped to 51% from 40% the year before.

Americas search advertising spend



In EMEA, mobile made up 38% of total paid search spending and 46% of clicks.

EMEA search ad share from mobile devices

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Within the Asian Pacific Japan region, mobile CPC was lower at $0.34 compared to tablet ($0.64) and desktop ($0.67).

APJ search advertising mobile CPC



Chris Humber, Head of practice, search, GroupM, explains:

chris humber

“Digital spend used to be predominantly paid search ads on desktop computers, but today our budgets cross multiple devices and ad formats across a variety of publishers and platforms. Luckily, Kenshoo’s robust suite of industry-leading ad creation, management and optimization tools are a resource that allows us to stay ahead of the curve.”