Mobile audio inventory now available through NOVA Entertainment thanks to Triton a2x

Anne Freier

In Mobile Advertising

December 8, 2016

triton nova
Audio tech provider Triton Digital just announced that Australian entertainment firm NOVA Entertainment has partnered with a2x, Triton’s programmatic audio ad exchange. The move should enable advertisers to buy digital audio inventory across NOVA’s network.
Triton Digital offers a variety of audio advertising solutions for mobile 
The a2x audio ad exchange is a programmatic buying solution for online and mobile audio inventory for advertisers. It runs on an automated, exchange-based system to buy and sell ad impressions. This facilitates rapid and precise transactions and results in the highest price for publishers and more efficiency for advertisers.
Peter Charlton, Group Sales Director, NOVA, says:
peter charlton

“Exploring new ways of monetizing our digital audio inventory while continuing to improve the streaming experience for our audience is an important piece of our overall digital strategy. The precise targeting capabilities within a2x made the decision to partner with Triton an easy one. The ability to provide our audience with relevant ads will certainly make for a better streaming experience for our audience, and more engaged listeners for advertisers.”

Advertisers can now purchase inventory from NOVA Entertainment alongside other premium Australian audio publishers in the exchange including the Macquarie Radio Network and Southern Cross Austereo.