Mobile app marketing analytics platform Kochava introduces iBeacon support and custom launcher

Andy Boxall

In Mobile Advertising Blog. December 30, 2014


Mobile app marketing analytics platform Kochava has announced a pair of new features, and reports considerable company growth for 2014. Kocahava’s new features are integrated support for iBeacons, and the option for developers to customise the app launch experience based on the attribution source.

Kochava’s iBeacon support means advertisers can manage the location-tracking transmitters from the dashboard, and access the information collected by them. This can include triggering coupons or exclusive offers based on location, or understanding how customers move around a retail store. 

The feature update also adds the option to create custom app launch experiences for users, based on how they installed the app, by requesting attribution data from the server. This means users who installed the app based on an ad can be engaged with differently to those who used an organic method.

Kochava’s CEO Charles Manning said:


“2014 was a year of insane growth for Kochava and the entire mobile advertising industry. As a company, our growth for the year will come in at over 500 percent, and the outlook for 2015 is even stronger. With the addition of new advanced features, Kochava is delivering the most precise analytics spanning from initial launch through conversion, optimization, and lifetime value reporting. Hundreds of our customers around the world are using this data as actionable information and have levelled up on the quality and efficiency of their mobile campaigns globally. Look for 2015 to be the year brands truly optimise their mobile ad spend.”

The new iBeacon and custom launcher experience features are both enabled inside Kochava’s SDK. Visit Kochava’s profile to learn more about the company.