Mobile App Marketing 101

James Cooper

In App Marketing. September 5, 2013

app marketing 101
With over 1m apps in the Android and iOS appstores marketing has never been more important for app and game developers and publishers. However, the skills needed to succeed are becoming increasingly specialist as a range of new techniques and channels emerges ranging from Appstore Optimization to media buying and Cross Promotion. We’ve assembled knowledge from some of the world’s leading experts as well as comprehensive lists of service providers and app promotion platforms in a series of guides, reports and tools designed to help you successfully market your app. All of these are available in our mobile marketing guides section and we’ve curated a list of them here relating specifically to app marketing for your convenience.
You can also check out our mobile app marketing supplier directory to find all kinds of app promotion services.

Our Mobile App Marketing Guides, Reports and Tools

App Promotion Networks Report
Over the last 18 months a range of specialist mobile app promotion networks have emerged offering cost per install ad models for user acquisition designed specifically for app marketing.  These range from cross promotion networks like Appflood or Chartboost to networks using incentivised installs or virtual currency models.  This is one of the hottest sectors of the mobile market right now with a lot of innovation happening.  Our report provides an insight into this dynamic market, based on a review of the key trends, interviews with leading execs from the major app promotion networks and a comprehensive directory.
Download the App Promotion Networks Report from Dropbox

App promotion networks report from mobyaffiliates

This covers everything you need to know about getting your app reviewed on specialist app or game review sites.  It includes interviews with the editors of review sites saying what they look for, advice on whether to pay for app reviews as well as hints and tips for putting together the best press release for your app.  The guide also provides an extensive directory of app review sites and submission services.
Download our Guide to Getting Your App Reviewed from Dropbox

A List of IOS and Android App Review Sites

This simple but effective tool provides a spreadsheet listing all the major mobile app review sites across iOS and Android (and other platforms).  It provides information on whether the site accepts paid listings and offers direct links to the submission forms and contact emails of the various sites.
You can access the spreadsheet on Google Drive here or download from dropbox here

App Discovery Apps Report
App Discovery Apps have been strongly associated with the leader in the market – App Gratis, which has had a few problems of late, being booted off the iOS store by Apple.  However, there is a real consumer and developer need for app discovery services and there are literally 100s of different app discovery apps operating across iOS and Android.  This report covers this exciting new mobile app marketing channel and provides the customary directory of the various app discovery app companies.
 Download the App Discovery Apps Report from Dropbox

Mobile App Promotion Market Map
Our Mobile App Promotion Market Map has been used all over the world to help explain this exciting and rapidly emerging new ecosystem.  It provides a snapshot of the key players across all of the major mobile app marketing categories including Appstore Optimization, App Discovery, Appstores and Mobile Ads.
Download the Mobile App Promotion Market Map on Dropbox in multiple formats
Mobile App Promotion Market Map
Mobile App Promotion Guide
The Mobile App Promotion Guide covers all the key players across the app marketing landscape, from appstores to app promotion networks to specialist app marketing agencies.  Use it to find new suppliers, understand the industry and connect to new services.
Download the Mobile App Promotion Guide from Dropbox

That’s it for now – we’ll be adding more exclusive app marketing reports, presentations, guides and tools to this page as they are developed.  
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