Mobile analytics firm Repro raises $2.6m, targets international expansion

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Repro, a mobile analytics company based in Tokyo, Japan, has raised $2.6m (300 million yen) from a series of investors. According to the CEO Yusuke Hirata, who spoke to VentureBeat, the funds will be used to build up its system development, hire new talent, and to take the first steps into overseas expansion.

Repro will use new investment for development and international expansion


The company produces an SDK that improves user retention rates, using data taken from user behaviour. With the data gathered, developers can create targeted push notifications and in-app messaging features to help increase conversion rates, and up user retention.

Repro’s SDK is currently used in more than 1,400 apps spread across 18 countries, despite the company’s limited marketing push outside of Japan. The aim is to attract developers working in many different sectors — from real estate to marriage counselling — and offer new tools beyond the SDK.

For more information on Repro’s services, visit its website here.