Mobile adverts served through Facebook’s Audience Network drive better results, says Nanigans study

Nanigans FB
Nanigans recently compared the click-through rates (CTR) for ads served on Facebook natively versus those that were served through the social media site’s own Audience Network. It found 65% higher CTR for ads served through the Audience Network and a 72% decrease in cost per mile (CPM). Cost per install (CPI) was also up 28% and total app installs saw a rise of 26%.
Strong returns at scale
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By comparison, Native ad delivery saw a 0.8% rate for CTR and a significantly higher CPM. Cost per install was an average $1 more than through the Facebook Audience Network (FAN).
Mobile App Install Ad Performance, Facebook Native vs. Facebook Audience Network
The FAN lets marketers extend their ads’ reach to people outside of Facebook by auto-adapting ads to native, interstitial and banner formats. Nanigans’ 30 top spending app install advertisers have been achieving impressive results using the FAN during the first quarter of this year. Native campaigners spent 16% of their overall budgets to deliver ads to mobile apps and websites which drove a 26% increase in total app installs with CPIs similar to those on native Facebook campaigns.
Mobile App Install Ad Spend and Install Share, Facebook Native vs. Facebook Audience Network
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Those who are looking to scale faster could benefit from the FAN’s user acquisition success. Facebook Pixel integration adds another dimension that lets advertisers track downstream actions associated with FAN placements and Nanigans’ intuitive reporting makes it easy for marketers to A/B test campaigns against audiences and creatives.
Nanigans also noted that for its top spending advertisers, the research found a significant boost in ROAS of 22%.
From these results, it’s apparent that utilising the FAN leads to comparably better results and ultimately a higher return on investment compared to delivering ads exclusively through the site’s news feed.