Mobile Advertising Platforms Landscape

Tony Myers

In Mobile Advertising, resources. December 8, 2015

Like any business vertical, any branch of economy, the app business is driven by advertising. App discoverability is one of the main problems app developers are struggling with, along with retention.  As an app developer or advertiser, you are most likely confronted with the question – what mobile advertiser partner to choose? Check out our ‘Landscape Snapshot’ of Top Mobile Advertising Platforms, available as a PDF download here, to find the right platform for your business.
Some of the key trends in mobile advertising platforms include:

  • Programmatic Approach – having real-time-bidding (RTB) feature on an ad platform has become really essential.
  • Video Format – video ads as an ad channel has become mainstream in 2015, the enormous popularity of videos on Facebook and high performance of app install video ads it hosts are the biggest cues to demonstrate that video ads is the Next Big Thing.
  • Global presence – significant part of an ad company success on a market is how well it manages to establish partnership with as many other companies as possible to cover many locations worldwide.
  • Value Proposition Articulation – the more sophisticated your services are, the harder it becomes to present them to your potential customer. This is the challenge that ad agencies are definitely facing.

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Mobile Advertising Platforms Landscape