Mobile ad companies are joining Amazon’s header bidding platform to boost programmatic demand

When Amazon launched a new cloud-based header bidding product in late 2016, it wasn’t clear what to expect. Now, two major mobile advertising companies have integrated with Amazon’s Publisher Service.
Rubicon Project, the mobile and digital ad exchange, announced integration with Amazon’s Publisher Services’ Transparent Ad Marketplace just last week following months of testing with various publications.
The header bidding product has been specifically created to help web publishers attract ad buyers and networks to bid on ad space. And because it is based in the cloud, publishers can attract various sources of demand without ever running out of space or clogging up a website.
One of the most important features of the product is that publishers can see where their money is going. Among the earliest testers on the publishing side has been Time Inc.
For ad exchanges, on the other hand, it’s all about offering clients transparency. Tom Kershaw, Chief Technology Officer, Rubicon Project explained:

“We look for solid user sync and match rates, adoption rates at scale and full transparency of auction dynamics — something most solutions consistently fall short of. TAM is unsurpassed in each of these categories, making them an ideal solution for us. We are excited that publishers can now take advantage of our Amazon Publisher Services/TAM integration at scale and with a simple, proven implementation process.”

Automation solutions company, PubMatic, also announced an agreement with Amazon Publisher Services to ensure that its publishers gain access to programmatic demand through its platform SEVEN. Once again, it’s all about transparency – giving publishers a choice.
Programmatic ad spend has been steadily climbing, according to the latest eMarketer prognosis. Additionally, the format is likely to attract more traditional ad formats such as TV in the future.

For PubMatic publishers the choice will consist of implementing the PubMatic robust OpenWrap header bidding solution or add the company as a monetisation partner through Transparent Ad Marketplace.
Evan Simeone, Senior Vice President of Product Management at PubMatic, said:

“We’re very excited to integrate with Transparent Ad marketplace. We see Amazon’s offering as a clear indication that they are just as dedicated to providing publishers with the most advanced monetization technology possible as we are at PubMatic.”

In a move that potentially keeps the competition somewhat at bay, Amazon itself recently partnered with Facebook to provide header bidding services via the Audience Network. Just six ad tech companies have been announced as partners for the social giant’s header bidding solution. Among them are also AppNexus, Index Exchange,, Sonobi and Sortable.