Mobile ad campaign viewability measurement is a problem

According to research from the Media Rating Council, mobile is a problem when it comes to measuring viewable impressions. The research compared total viewable ad impressions across a dataset from publishers and marketers to highlight differences in results. Among total US ad viewability, 54% of differences were attributed to differing treatments of mobile viewable impressions in vendors’ reporting. 28% of vendors treated multi-ad units differently for measurement and reporting purposes.
Methodological differences between US viewability vendors
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The report writes:

“As part of Interim Guidance on Mobile Viewability released during May 2015, the MRC stated that we believe technical characteristics of the mobile ad serving environment may require the development of new or enhanced methods for determining the viewability of mobile-delivered ads and that interaction with ads in mobile environments may have different patterns than those observed in the desktop environment. Vendor practices vary in unknown manners, and no organization has been accredited as yet by MRC for mobile viewable impression measurement. The MRC is committed to this issue and plans to issue consensus-based refined interim guidance during the third calendar quarter of 2015.”

A June poll by media cost forecaster SQAD highlights that many industry professionals aren’t aware of current viewability standards. However, companies such as Millennial Media have already announced full viewability guarantees with their mobile in-app ad campaign products to jump to the rescue.