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Posted: May 4, 2017

Mobidea has recently celebrated the fact that it now has more than 100.000 affiliates! Apart from that remarkable achievement, the network is known for being a friendly platform for newbies to start their journey.
In fact, it has an array of different offers from the usual suspects and trendy campaigns with good payouts, as well as an intuitive UI, a 7/7 Support Squad that speaks multiple languages (English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese), an awesome platform and a friendly social approach – check their Facebook and Twitter accounts to get an idea.
Mobidea has also been a partner network in STM’s 6WAMC affiliate mastery program. The company has received top remarks from students regarding both the AM support provided and the guidance on pushing for the top-performing targeting options, tailored to the experience and commitment of each individual.
One of the things that are really worth your time is a set of 3 guides (free) Mobidea created recently:
Beginners Guide on Mobile Affiliate Marketing
Semi Advanced Guide on Media Buying
Ero-Advertising Guide
As the network’s founder has recently stated in an interview, Mobidea is going full-throttle this year, presenting a great deal of amazing surprises for both newbies and pros! These exciting novelties are gonna pop up soon.
The Mobidea Crew is gonna come up with a totally different and revamped Mobidea Academy where affiliates can explore different types of content! Moreover, the company will continue to be a pioneer in mobile affiliate marketing.
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Stay tuned and keep checking Mobidea’s updates